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2014 Presenters

Last years 2013 Coordinate Metrology Presentations are posted on the members only page. You must sign in to gain access. Click Here for 2013 presentations.


Here is a preview of the 2014 Presentations.  For more detail see our 2014 Conference Agenda.





Effect of Curvature on Photogrammetry Data


Robert Elliott, Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA

The use of a laser tracker for initial optical

alignment of a solar telescope


Eric Hansen, National Solar Observatory, QA/QC Engineer

NRCC Experiments for ASTM E57 Medium Range

Measurement Error Standards Development


David MacKinnon and Luc Cournoyer/National Research Council of Canada

Earth, Wind and Fire: The application of

Photogrammetry for Challenging Large Scale

Metrology Projects

Giuseppe Ganci, Gancell Pty. Ltd., Australia

Photogrammetric Contrasting Light Merged

With Hole Recognition Software


Bobby Marsh and Mike Lazar, Boeing Everett

Computer Aided Metrology Systems Are Required

To Implement The Predictive Shim Process


Bobby Marsh, Boeing Everett

GD&T Limitations and Weaknesses

John Palmateer, Boeing Seattle and Scott Sandwith, NRK, Seattle

Real Time Path Correction with Direct

End-Effector Feedback

Santiago Droll , Leica Geosystem, Switzerland

Six-point Method for Spatial Angle Measurement

of a Hydraulic-Driven Underwater Manipulator

Xi Zhang, Xu Zhang, Weiqing Chu, Dinghao Feng, School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, Shanghai

Hybrid Photogrammetry Structure-from-Motion

Systems for Scene Measurement and Analysis

Shawn Recker, Mikhail M. Shashkov, Mauricio Hess-Flores, Christiaan Gribble, Rob Baltrusch, Mark A. Butkiewicz, Kenneth I. Joy, University of California Davis and SURVICE Engineering Company

Considerations for Design and In-Situ Calibration

of High Accuracy Length Artifacts for Field

Testing of Laser Trackers

Chris Blackburn, Dr. Vincent Lee, Daniel Sawyer, Dr. Craig Shakarji, NIST and Aaron Hudlemeyer and Mark Meuret, Brunson Instrument Company, Design / Project Engineer

Automated Metrology in a Business Jet Final

Assembly Line: case study


Robert Xavier Flynn and Schuyler Quentin Horky, Electroimpact, Inc.

3D Measurement of Occupant Variables for

Automotive Benchmarking Using Automated

Digital Photogrammetry

Russell Morrison, GSI Inc

Use of Laser Radar in Automotive Inspection

Charlie Rohling, BMW Manufacturing and Thomas Hedges, Nikon Metrology

Measurement performance and comparison

using optical vision systems


Rogério Yugo Takimoto, Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo

Usage of Photogrammetry and White Light system for

Periodic Aerospace Tooling Inspection


Brian Brown, Wichita State University

Manufacturing and Calibration of Precision CNC Routers

Using a Laser Tracker System


Rich Guerin, C.R. Onsrud, Art Kietlinski, API Services

Automated A380 Fuselage Part Inspection using

Industrial Robots and 6DoF Laser Trackers


Sebastian Schwanzar, Premium AeroTech, Nordenham Germany, Raimund Loser, Hexagon Switzerland

100% automated production measurement of a

car body welding line with absolute reference


Igor Lengyel, NMS, s.r.o., Bratislava, Switzerland

Metrology enhanced robotic milling – A practical

application on automotive tooling


Dr. Michael Kleinkes, Espace2001 S.A. Luxembourg

Linear Laser Performance: How Distance and Environment Affect a Laser Tracker and Large Volume Scanner’s Linear Accuracy


Mateusz Turolski, ECM Global

Efficient development of Human Machine Interface

for 3D measurement system


Masashi Sato/Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd, Japan

Development of Measurement and Inspection

within the global Aerospace Supply Chain through

generation of industry minimum standards,

collaborative working and audit programmes


James Mansell Rolls-Royce, James Bennett Performance Review Institute, Simon Rundle Rolls-Royce, Norman Gross Boeing, Lisa Leonard NPL

Monte Carlo Method for Uncertainty Propagation

in JWST Metrology Databases

Joseph Hayden, Sigma Space

Theodore Hadjimichael, Manal Khreishi, and Raymond Ohl, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center