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Call for Papers

The CMS Announces our

“Call for Papers"
for the 2015 CMSC in

Hollywood, FL

2015 CMSC Technical Paper Guidelines
Coordinate Metrology Society Conference

The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS), the eminent membership association for measurement professionals, today announced their "Call for Papers" for the 2015 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC). The 31st annual event will be held in Hollywood Florida from July 20-24, 2015.

The organization welcomes abstracts for presentations and technical papers submitted by metrology professionals from leading manufacturers, science laboratories, and academia. Suggested topics include industry best practices, scientific research and developments, and successful applications of 3D coordinate measurement systems. The CMSC is the only North American conference dedicated solely to users of portable, high-precision measurement technology used to inspect manufactured and assembled components on the factory floor.


Important Dates and Submission Deadlines:
Deadline for Abstract Submission. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . March 13, 2015
Date for Notification of Acceptance  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 3, 2015
Deadline for Technical Paper Submission. . . . . . . . . . .June 5, 2015
Deadline for Technical Presentation Submission . . . . . July 3, 2015
Deadline for Final Paper/Presentation Revisions . . . . . July 10, 2015
Dates of CMSC Conference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 20 - 24, 2015

Benefits of Presenting at the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC):

The benefits of presenting at the annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference are three-fold:

1) It is a great opportunity to present new complex metrology problems and solutions to a wide swath of the technical professional in portable coordinate metrology, helping to facilitate new solutions to new measurement challenges.


2) The Executive Committee waives the conference registration and membership fees for individuals presenting at the annual conference. (NOTE: In the case of presentations where there are multiple authors or contributors, the Executive Committee is only able to waive one conference registration and membership fee.)

3) CMSC information dissemination policy ensures your important metrology research results are communicated to a large portion of the US portable metrology community. The Coordinate Metrology Society will publish both technical papers and presentations on the CMSC website. Additionally, peer-selected technical papers will be published in The Journal of the CMSC, which is mailed to a large circulation, and distributed at trade shows or conferences that influence participation at the annual CMSC.|

For more information about our 2015 CMSC “Call for Papers,” contact Scott Sandwith and/or Daniel Sawyer, Technical Presentations Coordinators at

Abstract Guidelines
For a complete list of submission guidelines for the abstracts, technical papers, and presentations, please download the 2015 CMSC Technical Paper Guidelines.

At CMSC 2015, 25 expert presentations were delivered by industry leaders from Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, The Boeing Company, NIST, NPL, Gancell Pty. Ltd., Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo, New River Kinematics, Lockheed Martin, National Research Council of Canada, Hexagon, Espace2001 S.A. Luxembourg, Hitachi Power Solutions, Rolls-Royce, Sigma Space, ElectroImpact, East Coast Metrology, Brunson Instrument Company, University of Bath, School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, University of California Davis, SURVICE, and other companies and educational institutions covering technology, theory, and practice to advance the field of 3D metrology.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts for the Executive Committee review should be submitted here.

White Paper and Presentation Submission

Final White Paper and Power Point Presentations should be submitted here.

Davide Bianculli

Representing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Agenda Sessions: 3D Targets Accuracy with Leica Scan Station P20

Davide Bianculli

Representing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Jim Clark

Representing Neomek Incorporated
Agenda Sessions: Prototype Metrology: How Accurate is 3D Printing?

Robert Elliott

Representing Lockheed Martin

Joshua Gordon

Representing National Institute of Standards and Technology
Agenda Sessions: A Single Pixel Touchless Laser Tracker Probe

Thomas Hedges

Representing Nikon Metrology
Agenda Sessions: Re-introducing the laser radar