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The Coordinate Metrology Society Conference is an opportunity for you to showcase your technology products to the most focused group of 3D metrology users in the world. If you’ve been spending your advertising dollars at trade shows, you may very well have missed presenting your product or services to our attendee base; expert 3D metrology users that can influence the acquisition of your products and services.

CMSC 2015 Advertising Guide


2015 CMSC Exhibitors Handbook

CMSC-LEAD Retrieval

In addition to a complete attendee listing prior to and directly after the conference, CMSC now has lead retrieval. The best news is that it is included for all exhibitors at no additional charge.

You will notice that every CMSC badge will have a QR code. To collect leads, all you need to do is scan a badge with any Smartphone. So whether you are in your booth, in the lobby or at lunch you can collect a lead with a single click on your phone!

Register as an Exhibitor on the Registration page. Click Here



Exhibitor Presenters:

ALL 60 second Exhibitor presentations need to be uploaded here.


Exhibitor Marketing Information Upload Site (Logos, etc.):
Upload your marketing information here.