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Exhibitor FAQs

CMSC provides the largest networking environment for users and business associates at any single annual 3D measurement metrology event. This event enables you to increase your exposure and spend quality time with customers outside their work environment on current and potential projects. Last year’s attendees came from fifteen different countries, seven international universities and eleven government institutions. Answers to questions not listed below can be sent to .


Note:  We will not be providing the option to purchase two day conference passes for this years conference. 


2015 CMSC Exhibitor Handbook                CMSC 2015 Advertising Guide

How much are the booths at CMSC?

See the Conference Fees Page



Note: June 14th is the cutoff date for refunds.


How do I purchase booth space for CMSC 2015?

Booth space can only be purchased on the registration page


All fields with an asterisk (*) requires your input to proceed to the next page of registration.

All fields that have a drop-down arrow at the right hand side of the box requires you to select from the list. 


Under "Registration Type", if you do not select exhibitor, you will not be taken to to the pages that list sponsorship opportunities or available selectable booths.


Once the Registration Type has been selected as Exhibitor, a Free Pass box is listed at the bottom of the page.  Click on this box prior to continuing to the next page.  Each booth purchased receives one free registration pass.  If you select more than one booth on the booth selection page you will receive via email a discount code for each additional booth.  This "one time use only" discount code is for you to distribute to your representative(s) that will work the extra booth(s).  Only distribute discount codes to your representatives that will attend, once a discount code has been used a replacement will not be issued.


If you cannot find registration from the upper menu under "Annual Conference" / Registration , please click here.


CMSC reserves the right to move your booth selection if consoladation is required due to the lack of booth sales.


Note:  June 14th is the cutoff date for refunds.  



How do I pay for CMSC related activities such as sponsored events and other opportunities?

All billing is done through our on-line registration database when you select sponsorships, optional items or marketing opportunities through our registration process.


Are there breakout rooms available to my company or organization for private or open meetings?

Conference rooms at the hotel are provided on a first-come first-serve basis for your company event whether it is a private board meeting or an open attendee event. Food and beverage will go through the CMSC master account. All for, beverage and audio visual charges in support of the meeting will be the responsibility of the reserving party. Rooms need to be reserved prior to June 14th, please contact Ron Rode.

How do I make arrangements for refreshments for my breakout meeting?

Coordinate your meeting specifics with the Executive Committee, Ron Rode, The hotel will bill CMSC and CMSC will bill you.  All expenses incurred are expected to be paid prior to the end of the conference. 


What companies exhibited at last years conference?

The list of last years exhibiting contributors are listed HERE.


Will CMSC continue to provide a contact list of this years attendees?

Paid Exhibitors receive a list of registered attendees approximately two weeks prior to the conference. Approximately two weeks after the conference closes paid Exhibitors will receive a complete list of all in attendance.


LEAD Retrieval at CMSC

In addition to a complete attendee listing prior to and directly after the conference, CMSC now has lead retrieval. The best news is that it is included for all exhibitors at no additional charge.

You will notice that every CMSC badge will have a QR code. To collect leads, all you need to do is scan a badge with any Smartphone. So whether you are in your booth, in the lobby or at lunch you can collect a lead with a single click on your phone!


To get the App for your phone, go to the appropriate link below:

iPhone: Use the ScanLife App


Will there be security at the Exhibit Hall?

Uniformed security will be available for the Exhibition Hall.


Badges are required at all times while in the exhibition hall including setup and tear down. If your company or organization have contractors that will only be in the exhibition hall during setup and tear down, they will need an identifiable N/C badge to pass security. This restriction is for the safety and security of all exhibitors.


I will not be arriving until after registration closes Monday evening, can I get access to the exhibit on hall?

Arrangements to pick up your badge after registration closes on any day should be made prior to the start of the conference.  An associate of yours can be assigned by you and communicated through the register provided you have preregistered and paid in advance.


Who is handling drayage for the conference?

GES Services will be handling the drayage at the 2015 CMSC.


Order services using this link:  GES Services


See the CMSC Exhibitors Handbook for more information or contact


When can I begin setting up and tearing down my booth?

The Exhibition Hall will be open to Exhibitors (ONLY) beginning at noon on Monday. If possible, please have your booth set up by 8 PM on Monday. If you need more time please notify security working the Exhibit Hall. Tear-down commences at 4 PM on Thursday and must be completed by 8 PM. Please do not begin tearing down until 4 PM. If you have specific needs please contact an CMS Executive Committee member for assistance.

When is payment for the conference due?

Payment is due when you register for the booth. If payment is not received by the booth price cutoff date, the booth will be re-billed at the booth price currently in effect. The cutoff dates are May 17th for booths reserved between February 4th and May 17th and June 14th for booths reserved between May 21st and June 14th.


Thank you, Jan Rode, CMSC Registrar

Contact or 425-802-5720



Where do I send my 60 second exhibitor presentation?

The 60 second Exhibitor presentations should be submitted here.