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CMS Certification

Portable 3D Metrology is being integrated into manufacturing processes at a rapid rate. Data collection technologies that were once the domain of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are now being used by technicians and shop-floor personnel for industrial applications and beyond. Measurement equipment is calibrated and certified to performance standards, but most of the personnel operating this equipment are not accredited. There are many variables induced by an operator that can dramatically influence data collection and dimensional control.


The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) determined a clear need for a Certification program based on a graying workforce, new skill requirements from industry, and the ever increasing need for metrology expertise. Today, CMS Certification credentials aid in quantifying a potential employee or service provider's knowledge of metrology, which is essential to ISO certified manufacturers and companies with Quality Management Systems.

CMS Level-One and Level-Two Certifications

The CMS currently offers a Level-One and Level-Two Certification assessment for professionals in the field of 3D portable metrology. The Level-One examination is a proctored, online assessment consisting of about 200 multiple choice questions covering foundational theory and practice common to most portable 3D Metrology devices. The Level-Two Certification examination on a PCMM (portable coordinate measuring machine) is a practical performance assessment. The candidate uses an articulating arm to collect a series of measurements on an artifact, then analyzes specific features of the artifact. The organization plans to add more device-specific Level-Two Certifications in the future.

CMS Certification Handbook

For detailed information on CMS Certifications, please download the CMS Certification Handbook, a 24-page guide covering the application process, how to meet eligibility requirements, preparation for the assessments, fees and study resources.


Application and Reference Forms

Candidates for CMS Certifications must submit an application and references, meet eligibility requirements, sign the CMS code of ethics, and pass a peer review. Qualifying candidates are notified and scheduled for an examination seat. To begin the process, please:

  1. Complete the online CMS Application Form (PDF) : Continue to Form
  2. Complete the first page of the Reference Form (PDF) and follow the instructions on the form to finalize the process: Continue to Form